My name is Wei, I'm a web developer based in Singapore. I have a personal profile site that you may visit here.

About me playing the viola

I am not a professional musician. I have grown up playing the violin but not so well. My violin teacher back in high school is a violist. She always suggested that I shall try the viola some time. Although, I stopped playing with her as I left my home city for college. In college, I was having a much better time chilling with the drumline in our marching band than with the orchestra, so I stopped playing the violin altogether. I took a long journey playing many other instruments before even thinking about classical music again.

In recent years, from time to time there's a soft voice at the back of my mind that I shall get back playing classical music one day. And it was the COVID-19 lockup at home that finally made me decide on the commitment. After 12 years, I thought it was also a sweet spot for me to "restart" with viola, close enough but slightly different.

Many violists report that the moment they played the viola for a first time, they either didn't want to play the violin anymore or, in case they didn't come from violin, they decided that viola is clearly what they'd do with their lives. I feel I'm in this faction as well. I like the range and the tone of the viola so much more than the violin, the moment I played the first note on the very first viola I touched, I never wanted to play the violin anymore, except to play briefly from time to time to verify that I still like playing the viola better.

(oh my god this instrument is so beautiful, apparently everybody who plays this instrument finds a secret treasure, turns around and ask)

what makes you start playing the viola?

I was asked to convert.

(wut?!?!? why didn't anybody ever asked me to convert!??!?!?! felt so missed out, you all never tell me why liddat)

About this site

This site is a result of a web developer play the viola. As a web developer myself, anything that doesn't end up on a website doesn't count. And yet because I am not a musician, this site doesn't intend to seek for any audience in the music community but is more like a personal journal of exploration. Although it would be nice if it inspires more software engineers to play music amateurishly.

As many web developers do, I take a very work in progress approach. No work can ever be perfected, it is more important to ship and improve. Most content of this site, including the making of this site, is constantly under work in progress. And this of course applies to my own viola playing, if I ever post anything.

A sideline that is less relevant to music is that I am using this site as a web development playground. I may replicate other sites to learn their design and implementation.