Design and implementation of the site

The design of the site is from Violins and Violinists, an occasional magazine by a British violin dealer, Benjamin Hebbert. As a web developer, I thought it is very interesting to consider website a magazine and actually go about implementing it. A careful study by trying to replicate parts of the site sparks a lot of inspirations of what web developers can do and should explore in the making of a website for an artist.

I have fairly faithfully replicated many of the design elements and implementation of the Violins and Violinists site. In particular the card animation and the magazine layout. I have taken my own approach in implementation, though. If you are interested, you may read about this story in my development blog here.

The site is implemented with Nextjs and Preact.

My teacher

My teacher is Jonathan Lee. He is a great teacher and violist. He is extremely bright with high standard and noteworthy commitment in teaching. He helps me solve problems that I didn't think I could solve.

Lots of thoughts were inspired from our lessons and conversations. Although if I have made any mistakes, it is me remember wrongly.


My most amazing web developer friend Huijing who is also the artist behind all the Fluffy Phil artwork. Even though she doesn't play a string instrument, and whether she really plays the piano 40 hours a day is quite dubious, she has been with me throughout my journey picking up the viola.

Alongside actually playing the viola, me and Huijing collaborate on the wonderful world of Fluffy Philharmonic and RedViolaPanda stickers. The musical exploration and the development of the Fluffy Phil storylines fuel each other. This is the most amazing side project and collaboration I've been part of so far.